Kardasheva Paradigma
“Kardashev’s Paradigm”


I am a cynical idealist.

Design was not my first choice growing up– it was theoretical physics. Though I had dabbled in art and illustration, I’ve always had an insatiable curiosity of the world and wanted to understand how and why things were the way they were, and how we as humanity could advance.

However, the sobering reality is that we would not likely see a future where we become a Type 1 civilization, or that we could have floating cities, cure all diseases, teleport or have tech like Iron Man– at least not in our lifetime at the current rate we are moving.

So, I seek solace through art and design to create the future I hope to see. I use design as a medium to communicate pressing issues about the world, and with a devotion to science, I value research and learning opportunities as part of the process.

I strive to be conscious and informative when creating something to put into the world and I think that is what makes a design most compelling. Not knowing, but understanding the implications of the creation.


In 1964, Russian physicist Nikolai Kardashev, created a framework known as The Kardashev’s Scale. It is a scale in which categorizes a civilization’s technological advancement by measuring its energy output.

Type I: Planetary
Type II: Stellar
Type III: Galactic

Carl Sagan added on top of Kardashev’s work and created an equation to calculate where we are in the spectrum:

K= value of Kardashev’s scale type
P= power in watts

To put things into perspective, physicist Michio Kaku explains what these civilizations would look like through sci-fi references in the following videos:

_ The Birth-Pangs of a Planetary Civilization
Will Mankind Destroy Itself?

“A Type I Civilization is scientific, it is pluralistic, it is multi-cultural, it is tolerant– because it is global” – Michio Kaku


So where are we? We are a type 0– A type 0.75 to be exact.

With the universe as old as it is, there should be thousands, if not millions of Type 1, 2, 3 civilizations– But we see no evidence.

It is speculated that Type 0 civiliations are common but 1, 2, and 3 civilizations are rare because many do not survive and tend to self-destruct during the transition period between Type 0 and I.

“The danger period is now, because we still have that savagery. We still have the passions. We have all the sectarian, fundamentalist ideas circulating around, but we also have nuclear weapons. We have chemical, biological weapons capable os wiping out life on Earth.” – Michio Kaku


Kardigma is a name I created meaning “Kardashev’s Paradigm”.

I want to begin designing a world that reflects Kardashev’s theory of future advanced civilizations and its implied philosophy. Although we may not be around to see a Type I civilization for ourselves, it is never too early to start laying the foundations to ensure that future generations make it through perhaps one of the most challenging transition periods in human history.