Shackleton Crater, Moon | 2020
Lunar Embassy


Pax Luna is the beginning of a Lunar Embassy that strives to maintain peace, encourage collaboration and transparency between government bodies and private corporations.

“Without industry, there is no society. Without preservation, there is no humanity.”

How might we design a policy that enforces and regulates the multiple activities on the moon for a cohesive structure and maintaining friendly relations between competing entities?


Nowadays, when generations not even born during the Cold War hear the phrase “Space Race”, they embark on a false, nostalgic journey through the narrative of our educational institutions; which sold us the idea that it was a heroic and patriotic feat of our greatest intellects and time of scientific prosperity. Parts of that is true, but ignores the fact (perhaps through no fault of their own) that the Space Race was a product of Cold War tensions and looming exsistential threats of nuclear self-destruction.

It wasn’t about a race to be the first ones to the moon. It was about creating deterrents by flexing technological capability to create more potent weapons of mass destruction for social, economic, and ideological control. People forget that NASA was part of the larger military operative, and when USSR fell, so did the relevalnce of the space program. 

Today, it is naive and dangerous to romanticize the term "going back to the moon” when it is the private corporations who have taken the reins with the intent to exploit resources from celestial bodies. It is a somber reality that the incentives to go back are driven by greedy commercial interests, under the false pretense of the betterment of humankind. Nevertheless, at the rate of this technological evolution, becoming a space-faring civilization is inevitable. The Moon will set itself as a precedent for how humans will conduct themselves for future space collaboration and expansion.

How might we design a policy that enforces and regulates the multiple entities on the moon, for a cohesive structure and maintainly freinly relations between competing entities?